Who is Tax-Driven Ted?

Wisdom with Wealth Tax Driven Ted Illustration


Death and taxes: The only things we can be sure of! Certainly that’s the way Tax-Driven Ted sees it. Whereas others pay some or little attention to taxes, he is consumed by tax minimization. Ted is tax obsessed. Why? For many Canadians, if left unmanaged, taxes eliminate over 50% of income. In Canada tax freedom day falls in July.

Tax freedom day is the day of the year when you have paid all your taxes and can now keep the rest of the money you earn. Tax-Driven Ted will spend money just to get a write-off. He fails to seriously evaluate the underlying economics behind the decision and chooses to focus on the tax consequences. He loves to borrow money to invest simply because he can write off the interest costs of amount borrowed. This investment technique is called leveraging and is commonplace.

Ted doesn’t believe he should pay any taxes. After all, the government wastes money. It’s extremely inefficient. He uses every angle to reduce taxes. He’s always looking for loopholes, credits, or write-offs. His focus is not on customer satisfaction but on tax reduction.

He goes on trips and conferences so that he can take the tax write-offs. He loves limited partnerships investments and other tax shelters. For some investors tax considerations are secondary, but for Tax-Driven Ted, they come first.


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