Who is Self-Centered Sam?

Wisdom with Wealth Self-Centered Sam Illustration

Self-Centered Sam looks out for number one. Who’s that? It’s Sam, of course! Sam doesn’t consider himself to be self-centered. One of his favourite books is “The Richest Man in Babylon.”

What does Sam do with his income? The cream, the very best goes to his own long-term growth fund. His motto is ‘pay yourself first.’ Some call him Stingy Sam. But he’s not stingy; he’s just making careful preparation for his own future, comfort, and well-being. He is part of the “me” generation. He typifies the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs with self-actualization as apex of all values. Sam is a dedicated humanist. He doesn’t recognize any higher power than himself. He’s a tough negotiator.

Sam doesn’t ignore charity. But how could he possibly help anyone one else unless there was something in it for him? Therefore any and all charitable donations must have full and public credit given to the donor. The more people are aware of his generosity the better. After all, a little bit of advertising is good for business. When his corporation gives a gift it comes as a percentage of profits, not revenues.

His financial hero is the multi-millionaire, whose assets once exceeded the entire US treasury: The great Railroad and Steamship Baron Cornelius Vanderbilt.


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