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    1. WwW is 100% free of advertisements and lasts for a lifetime. It's like keeping a good reference book for the rest of your life.
    2. It is designed for serious students only. Those who are not willing to pay for this financial counsel likely won't apply it to their lives.
    3. The word of God does not promise blessings to the him who gives essential goods, but to him who sells them. The price should be affordable, but the exchange of value enhances mutual respect. See When should you sell for money rather than give for free?
    4. Payment for a good or service honours the dignity of both the seller and the buyer.
    5. Subconsciously, we tend to associate no value to that for which we have made no payment. It's human nature. Economists have found that when people pay even ten cents for a cup of coffee they drink all or most of it. When they get the coffee for free, most of it is wasted.
    6. When Christian missionaries translate portions of the Bible into the language of an aboriginal tribe, then they require some payment, perhaps two chickens, before they give the newly translated scriptures to the natives. Again, people prize more highly, something they have paid for.
    7. King David, refused to worship God with that which cost him nothing. (1 Chronicles 22:24). Clearly WwW is not an exercise in the worship of God, but then again, in another sense, that's what it's all about. Without a good relationship with God, there will be no lasting prosperity.

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