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Wisdom with Wealth is a database of financial truths and advice, based on the word of God, focusing on the book of Proverbs.

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Four Battle Fronts SavingFinancial freedom is magnificent, but it’s also rare. Why? It doesn’t come naturally; we must continually fight for it. Imagine an intense battle raging on four sides of your financial territory. Think of your financial world as rectangular in the shape of a credit card or a $20 bill. The top edge represents the inflow of your earnings. The bottom represents your personal consumption. The left edge, covered in our last article, represents the two types of sharing both of which require strict discipline: voluntary sharing (generosity) and involuntarily sharing (taxation). Finally, we will look at the right side, dealing with saving and investing. Most of us find it hard to save money. It’s even harder to invest prudently. Successful money management is no easy task.

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