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Post Pandemic Financial Crisis

post pandemicWe are in big trouble. The Covid19 pandemic and the governmental response has set up a world-wide financial mess. As with all messes, it’s much easier to make them than to clean up. Frankly, I am convinced we need divine intervention.  

In the beginning, God turned chaos into a magnificent, finely tuned created order. This same knowledge, wisdom, and understanding combined with infinite power is what we need now to fix our global crisis!

To master your money, research the following timeless and universal principles. Read the steps below and open the hyperlinks. START AT YOUR TOPIC OF INTEREST AND POWER THROUGH.

  1. Decrease Debt: Beware of debt, especially debt for non-tax-deductible depreciating consumer goods. Debt leads to slavery. To eliminate debt fast, use the snowball method. Move towards financial freedom. Don't let inflation justify your indebtedness.
  2. Improve Productivity: All of us can become more productive. In my case, I fight with laziness and poor planning. I need to be more like Diligent Daniel and Steady Eddie.
  3. Track Spending: You cannot manage what you do not measure. We have designed Your Money Kitchen (see Study Guides and Resources) to track all your inflows and outflows both cash and credit. It's an Excel-based spreadsheet in open architecture. Watch the videos. Read the User Guide. Try it. Be prepared to start and stop often as you develop the habit of tracking all spending down to the penny. It may take you more than a year to master this new habit. It’s worth ALL the effort!
  4. Protect Wealth: True wealth is fragile. All wealth has a “best before date.” Protection does not come just with more money. What we really want is economic security. We want blessing power not just buying power. Seek to be like Blessed Bob.
  5. Get Divine Intervention: Find out how to get God to hear your prayers. Humanly speaking we do NOT have what it takes to thrive during the coming financial storm. Tap into God’s infinite resources.
  6. Manage Cashflow: Everyone can do this, whether rich or poor. Track your spending with Your Money Kitchen:
  7. Expand Options: No, I do not mean trading options (i.e. puts and calls) for investment purposes. Wealth takes many forms. Recognize the contamination of wealth. Seek the best kind of wealth. Be careful how you handle an inheritance.
  8. Reduce Stress: Uncertainty increases stress. Grow in contentment. Also, it’s good to keep taxes low, but don’t become like Tax-Driven Ted.
  9. Anticipate the Great Reset: Many signs are pointing to a new global currency based on a centrally controlled crypto currency. Cash may soon be history. We may face an underground economy using a barter system and trading in silver and gold.

Make no mistake. This is a big job. Start with your own backyard. Remember that direction is more important than perfection. Please use the resources on this site extensively. Many financial gems are under-utilized, but nonetheless very powerful.

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