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Dodging the Great Reset

crs edwin hooper Q8m8cLkryeo unsplashOver the past 50 years Western governments have run large budget deficits, creating massive, accumulated debt. Now, in the past two years during Covid, governments ratcheted up their spending to prop up markets and “replace” the money lost through the reckless shuttering of so many small businesses. Recently you might have heard the term “global financial reset” and are wondering what it is. Given the unsustainable levels of debt, there is no question that we are approaching a point where drastic and far-reaching decisions must be made to get us off the current path to destruction. What these decisions will be are very much debated, but what is not debatable is that the future will be increasingly uncertain. We need to be prepared. While none of us know the details, I believe the global financial reset will include a guaranteed annual income, major declines in the value of currencies (massive money printing), and perhaps a global digital currency (referred to as SDRs or Special Drawing Rights on the International Monetary Fund). It may also include a minimum global tax rate, so different countries can’t compete for investment capital. Most likely, this will all be implemented after a major market collapse, a global monetary crisis, or a personal security meltdown. The global financial system is in a precarious, perilous situation. How can you safeguard your wealth?

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