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How to Work Better — Part 9 of 9: Rest and Enjoy!

rest and relaxThis is the last article in the series on improving our personal work habits by studying God’s work habits. Have you ever wondered why God gave us a step-by-step account of His work in Creation? Why did He put in certain details and leave out others? Who cares? Isn’t evolution a fact? I believe Darwinistic evolution is bunk: Polished, pseudo-intellectual, well-packaged, mass-marketed BUNK. I believe the Bible’s account is accurate and factual. The Bible is an archeologically-supported historical narrative, not a textbook. Our textbooks are always being rewritten, but the content of the Bible is unchanging truth. With this underpinning, I believe that not only was the seventh day of rest established for our benefit, but that the entire creation process was recorded so that we could learn to work wiser. The more we learn to work like the Creator of our universe worked, the better we will operate within the world we live in. So, what can we learn today?

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