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four battle zones

Four Battle Front$

Look at each battle front
and fight to win!

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Wisdom with Wealth is a database of financial truths and advice, based on the word of God, focusing on the book of Proverbs.

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post pandemicWe are in big trouble. The Covid19 pandemic and the governmental response has set up a world-wide financial mess. As with all messes, it’s much easier to make them than to clean up. Frankly, I am convinced we need divine intervention.  

In the beginning, God turned chaos into a magnificent, finely tuned created order. This same knowledge, wisdom, and understanding combined with infinite power is what we need now to fix our global crisis!

To master your money, research the following timeless and universal principles. Read the steps below and open the hyperlinks. START AT YOUR TOPIC OF INTEREST AND POWER THROUGH.

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