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Biblical Financial Literacy: Saving Money

Four Battle Fronts SavingFinancial freedom is magnificent, but it’s also rare. Why? It doesn’t come naturally; we must continually fight for it. Imagine an intense battle raging on four sides of your financial territory. Think of your financial world as rectangular in the shape of a credit card or a $20 bill. The top edge represents the inflow of your earnings. The bottom represents your personal consumption. The left edge, covered in our last article, represents the two types of sharing both of which require strict discipline: voluntary sharing (generosity) and involuntarily sharing (taxation). Finally, we will look at the right side, dealing with saving and investing. Most of us find it hard to save money. It’s even harder to invest prudently. Successful money management is no easy task.

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Biblical Financial Literacy: An Introduction

financial basicsIn just three years, the greatest teacher of all time impacted the world more than anyone else. How was that possible? Jesus Christ was both human and divine. What did He say about financial literacy? A lot! He taught about money matters more than heaven and hell combined. Many of His parables were filled with financial overtones. 

What did he say? Before I get into specifics, let me say emphatically that if our government gurus studied Jesus’ teachings on the proper use of money, we would not be in today’s financial mess. Sometimes, I think senior finance bureaucrats need a Dave Ramsay course or counsel from Mary Hunt!

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