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Wisdom with Wealth is a database of financial truths and advice, based on the word of God, focusing on the book of Proverbs.

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get financially organizedUnderspend! Deliberately underspend! Humble yourself by choosing to live BELOW your affordable lifestyle. It’s simple, but not easy. Voluntary frugality is one of the biggest secrets to financial success. In the perennial best seller, The Millionaire Next Door, you can read about the inner-workings of wealthy households. It’s a good read. Contrary to what advertisers would have us believe, riches and hyper-consumption don’t go hand-in-hand. Quite the opposite! Most millionaires purchase used cars—not new—nor do they drive many luxury cars. My brother in Ontario was surprised that one of the Canadian billionaires, Mr. Weston, who could easily afford a Rolls Royce, drove a Ford minivan. I remember reading about the owner of Wal-Mart, who, when asked why he drives a used pick-up, replied, “Because I like it.” Financial coach Dave Ramsey says that when you are getting out of debt, “you must live (super-thrifty) like no one else, so that when you are out of debt, you can live (abundantly) like no one else.” It’s all about delayed gratification. Together as a couple or family, choose the area(s) you will reduce spending in, and celebrate your successes with high-fives or a special, affordable treat. For example, cut out junk food, or buy used items instead of new. Celebrate your successes with enthusiastic high fives or special, affordable, treats.

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