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What is True Conservatism?

true conservatism pyramidWhat is true conservatism? This past year we have all witnessed some big political surprises in Europe and the USA. Some have called it a populist resurgence and a move away from globalism. I don't know. I really don't like following the gyrations in the political world. There are much more important things to do, personally, at home, and locally. But, during the past year, some thoughts have been in the back of my mind which are now on paper. Where are governments headed, especially in Alberta and in Canada?

This essay deals with the topic of true conservatism. It approaches the topic from a financial perspective. How can we tell if we are investing in a good cause or just wasting money? What are the two tests to see if government policies/practices resonate with reality? Why are some financial initiatives doomed to failure and others headed for success?

If you are interested in these questions then I invite you to download the attached in PDF form and read it online.

Abridged Version

Full Version

Tom Lipp

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